Kevin Rodgers


Precision Laser Specialists, USA

Kevin Rodgers is the president of Precision Laser Specialists. Like many people, he was always fascinated by light and optics, and he turned that fascination into a career. He began his work in optics and photonics 12 years ago when he graduated from Camden County College (CCC) in Blackwood, New Jersey, with an Associate of Applied Science degree in photonics.

After college, Kevin began working as an optics technician at Quantronics, where he learned the ins and outs of the photonics industry. Today, as president of his own company, he works with diagnostic and treatment laser systems for medical purposes. Kevin’s company’s focus is on the safety, performance and service of medical and surgical lasers. They have a state-of-the-art, in-house training program that ensures all their technicians have the highest level of knowledge on all lasers that we service.

With Ernie Longo, his fellow CCC graduate and vice president, Kevin spends time traveling, meeting clients and developing new techniques to solve problems in the medical technology field. When asked about his career as an optics technician Kevin says “I feel good about being able to help solve problems with medical systems so that the doctors who use them can in turn help people. I feel like my work is making a difference in the medical world.”