Jennifer Trahan

SpaceX, USA

Jennifer Trahan is an electronics technician at SpaceX, a launch vehicle and rocket developer. She is currently employed at their rocket test facilities, where she works closely with test teams to ensure that the necessary communications systems are in place and operational. Jennifer’s job utilizes fiber optics, wireless communications, networks, remote cameras, phone systems, servers, and much more.

Prior to earning her degree, Jennifer served in the Army for four years. When she completed her service, she wanted to make a change in her life and decided to return to college. Her brother had gone to Texas State Technical College (TSTC) in Waco, so she decided to check it out. Jennifer fell in love with the school and the telecommunications program. She has always enjoyed working with her hands, so the hands-on training she received in college was perfect! The two-year degree she earned at TSTC gave her the skills and experience necessary to succeed in a unique and fascinating job.

Jennifer says “I find the work I do very rewarding because I know that I am part of the telcommmunications and fiber optic infrastructure that allows us to connect people all over the world. It is even more rewarding to know that the rockets I work on each day will one day travel into space!”