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David F of USA;Massachusetts asks...

How come in the demonstration with the water the question asks "Are the arrows going the same way" and if you look at the answer it says "No" why is this there it is actually wrong because if you move the glass the arrows are going the same way.

Thank you for your question as it caused a lively debate amongst the scientists. It really comes down to how you view the glass so we have updated the illusion to have a clearer question and we also changed the answer!

Dan Christensen, USA, 2018 OSA Ambassador
kendra a of Georgia asks...

Is it fun being a scientist

Doing science as a job is like any other job or profession, in the sense that one has responsibilities, things that from time to time might stress you out, or that you don't like.

However, there is in my opinion something quite unique about being a scientist: You are all the time doing new things. You spend your time thinking about ideas that nobody thought of before, or inventing new devices and machines that can do things that were impossible before. In a sense, you are shaping the future and that is super exciting and fun.

Federico Furch, Germany, 2018 OSA Ambassador